1a. We are a proud small business owner and try to make it through the tough economic time; negative comments online could and will distantly stain the business reputation. Restaurant cook and serving food with pride and dignity, we try to do our best in any categories throughout the dining process to every customer, please allow our courtesy staff correct any mistake or ask to talk to the owner if should any dissatisfaction occur to your dining experience before leaving us any negative comment online, compensation may be given but not to all cases due to several factors determined by the owner. We truly appreciate your concern and will take it much likely to serve our customer with the best service possible.


2a. The restaurant cook-to-order process allows the food the come out fresh and taste to perfection in every single order. We create this standard to ensure high-quality superior food taste. Some dishes may take longer than others, please be patient.  A sample of food or order to try is not the restaurant practice, our cook-to-order food or bubble drinks is done by figure in perfect ingredient measurement which allows every dishes of our food to meet our food quality standard, requesting for sample may be but not to all cases granted due to this reason, please understand.


3a. Please know your strength intolerant level of eating spicy therefore we meant business when its come to spicy food, request on refund or exchange dishes may be but not to all cases shall be given upon your request if your food is not eatable.


4a. The restaurant tries to also serve the community as well as serving customers. Although organizations, association, or any community services in and out of the business area is not mentioned in the web for any discretion; the submission of any kind between the restaurant and third party may remain anonymous.



1b. Baitong restaurant is not associated in any way with Far East Cafe Thai restaurant, both of the restaurant owners formal or if any current is not in any way related but only shared common interests in a vision of running a business and those common interests are not in any forms lawfully and legal.


2b. The restaurant has right to refuse service to any customer for any reason best in conducting business, the restaurant owns the right not to express any reason to the individual in the given time of the disputed case.  Baitong restaurant holds no discrimination and no inducement policy, which may or may not present any bias in serving any customers or conducting business with vendors.


3b. The restaurant will not be responsible for any lost personal item in the restaurant. Lost and found may be kept for at least one week to one month depending on the value of the item before being discarded.


4b. In any lawful events such as claims, accident, legal binding those related to the restaurant are determined in the discovery phase and may be consulting with restaurant owner then legal team before conducting in the class action which involves the restaurant repetitive.  The discovery phase will determine the right party involved in the incident which most likely does not but not limited to the restaurant if the incident occurred outside the restaurant and around the premises.


5b. The restaurant will not be responsible for any lost or forgotten credit card, and not responsible for excessive credit card charges outside of merchant practice under the name of Baitong restaurant. Please allow few days if not up to seven days in double bank transaction posted to your bank account, therefore some transaction are behaving in such due to the way of processing payment between the merchant and your bank, which beyond the restaurant control. Such events in most case will appear as a double post but consistently in transaction ID and most cases are in identical transaction detail.


5.1b Restaurant will not be responsible for any injuries external or internal of any individual, all claims will not be accepted unless undisputed case proved that it is in any way the fault of the restaurant. The restaurant also will not be responsible for any sickness due to our spicy food or any claim of sickness from any food intake from our restaurant unless proven and confirmed by the city authority.


6b Most of the contents on this website are not copyright protected; however, some contents such as individual picture, story, etc. may hold privileges right and may be lawfully used against any wrongfully misuse, misconduct, in any forms of a claim.